FROM CLIENTS: "Thank You!!! You were fantastic. They’re usually a hard crowd to please, but al looked pretty impressed! I would certainly recommend you!" Katie M (Performance & Seminar for Google European team) "We really enjoyed it! I am sure we'll see you again!" PaulJeroen van de Grapple - CIPEF Global Private Equity "Absolute pleasure to meet you and be part of our party. I’ll keep your details and not hesitate to recommend you!!" Richard Relton, Managing Director of Jetset Sports "The loud applause you got at the tables spoke for itself. What a great night!” TobyJohn Wood&Co "I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Everyone absolutely loved you." Charlotte Charity at Berroom Bar, Old Street "Thank you so much, it was great!” CBS Interactive "The BEST magician we ever had in Harrods" John Green , Manager in Harrods "Of all the magicians I met and seen, I consider Dafedas B to be the most skilled. His stuff looks like a movie special effect.
The guys is a Jedi..." J. Fouto. MTV "Thank you for a great party. I’m glad it all went so well!” Katie, OPM Partnership "I was about to write as well as I really wanted to say a big thank you for your performance! Everyone had a great time especially Sam who loved it. You were brilliant with your amazing magic and the sense of humour and the interesting knowledge, all mixed really well. It couldn't be any better! It was definitely the highlight of the day.” Claudia M Identity & Packaging Designer "You're the best I've seen,and I've seen a LOT!” Event manager Paul M. "Dafedas B had a science fiction and martial arts feel to his magic. With great skill and expertise, he made objects appear, disappear, alter their form, change their seize, and quickly multiply. Visual, energetic, and impressive." AAA Music "Dafedas B is an accomplished manipulator: ultra cool, with an underground Japanese street-smart style, and terrific skills. Eyecandy, extraordinary to watch." Conjuring at the Court "Dafedas B has a reputation for his incredible cutting edge technical skills and expertise in magic. He combines visual magic, manipulation and prestidigitation in an incredible performance that almost looks like a martial art display.." Madame Jojo , magic night "BIG THANK YOU for last Thursday night. Your magic was flipping fabulous!" Zoe Gilgamesh "Ultra cool Dafedas B takes Sleight of hand to matrix level of impossibility that will make your eyes spin.” Cabaret Night London "Toi, t'es un enculX" Tonton Patrice "Mummy, is he a robot?" Little Girl to Her Mum (my favourite ever feedback!) FROM OTHER MAGICIANS: "Dafedas B's coin magic is unique, beautiful, and exiting. The many concepts in that DVD inspired me lots of ideas. This will fascinate coin workers.” Ponta the Smith "Just beautiful” David Williamson "Beautiful magic" FISM winner Marc Oberon "This is the best 3 coins routine I’ve ever seen…” FISM winner Shin Lim (in 2012, after watching Clair de Lune "Oborozuki”) "Great job this morning. You were the best!” Gérard Majax (once France most famous Magician), after watching Dafedas B performing at an international Magic championship "A maverick mind of modern day magic who takes sleight of hand with coins to a new level, the style and approach this DVD has to offer has changed the way I perform my own magic forever” Henri White "An artistic and poetic approach to slight of hand.” "I love it” Brendan Rodrigues (Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year) "Wow, this is so cool...” Moritz Mueller (watching Dafedas B’s O project video) AND TOO MANY MORE TO WRITE HERE!